ミウラアイム / Miura Ayme

2017年にはイギリス、ロンドンで開催された<HYPER JAPAN Festival >、ポーランドの<JAPANicon>といったコンベンションにアーティストとして参加し、INSTAGRAMを中心に海外のアニメ、ヴィジュアル系ファンを獲得してきたが、3/21に池袋サイバーで開催される始動無料ワンマンライヴより日本国内での音楽活動を新規に行い始める。

Miura Ayme who has carrier as a singer and cosplayer will start his new activity on 21 in March in Japan and he will do a solo live performance in Tokyo.

He used to be a vocalist of Ecthelion which was Japanese V-kei rock band. He performed a lot of lives and released many songs.
After dismissing the band, he took part in several global events as an Japanese solo artist.

In2017,He performed at<HYPER JAPAN Festival >in London and <JAPANicon> in Poland. He has over 140000Instagram followers who like Japanese anime and V-kei rock.

He will start new working as a solo artist and he will release a new song "Kamisama Nante".
Along with releasing this information, he uploaded a new lyric video on YouTube.

Blood type:A