ミウラアイム / Miura Ayme


声優としては全米No.1乙女ゲームシリーズ「Shall we date?」最新作「Obey Me!」のアスモデウス役を担当、また同作品の主題歌「Sinful Indulgence」の作曲と歌唱を担当している。
2017年にはイギリス、ロンドンで開催された<HYPER JAPAN Festival >、ポーランドの<JAPANicon>2018年にはパリのJapan Expo in Paris>、台湾の〈Crazy Friday〉、2019年には再び<HYPER JAPAN Festival >、アメリカの<Anime Expo >といった世界最大級のアニメコンベンションや音楽フェスティバルに参加し、INSTAGRAMを中心に海外のアニメ、ヴィジュアル系ファンを獲得している。

Miura Ayme is the Japanese Visual kei artist, cosplayer and voice actor.

He started his new solo project from 2018 in Tokyo and  he throws himself into a foreign project from 2017.

Recently, he has been appointed as a voice actor for Asmodeus from Obey me which is the No1 Otome game in US (‘Shall we date’Series), and took part in <Anime EXPO in LA> in 2019 .At this event he cosplayed as the Asmodeus and talked with a lot of fans of this Otome game.

The main theme song "Sinful Indulgence" is composed and sung by him. "Sinful Indulgence" has been played 300,000times in a month. (

He used to be a vocalist of Ecthelion which was Japanese V-kei rock band. He performed more than 200 stages and released 4single, 2albums and 1 live DVD. After dismissing the band, he took part in several global events as a Japanese solo artist. He has over 16000Instagram followers who like Japanese anime and V-kei rock.

In 2017,He performed at<HYPER JAPAN Festival>in London and <JAPANicon> in Poland.

In2018, he was invited from 〈Japan Expo in Paris>and 〈Crazy Friday〉in Taiwan. At the <Crazy Friday>, he performed in front of over 30,000 audience. When he released his first Music video "Coup d'etat Love", his friends MiA(ex.MEJIBRAY) performed on his Music video as a guest.

In 2019, he performed at <HYPER JAPAN> in London and he has organised event <Ayme Fess> in Taiwan.

Blood type:A